Less stress with bath lift

Lifting patients can be a lot rougher than some might expect, even more so when it's d​​aily and often several times per day. With a bath lift you can however ease the burden and strain put on you whenever you need to clean your patients. While proper patient hygiene is important, so is the safety and comfort of both the patient and caretaker so either of these things should not be sacrificed for another. 

With a proper, well-made lift, bathing and bathroom visits can be made much easier with minimized risk of injuries that might force a leave or an early retirement. Of course, it's best to purchase a bath lift that's made to be used in hospitals and even better if the lift is easy to use. For hygiene equipment that's easy to use, TR Equipment is the obvious choice.

Bath lifts that are easy to control

With a bath lift from TR Equipment you get high quality equipment and low cost of ownership. With their focus on simplicity and safety you're guaranteed a quality product which can assist in your task of cleaning and bathing patients. Their mobile bath lifts are battery operated and designed so that it's easy to understand the controls while maintaining functionality. 

 It's a good way to avoid early retirement or temporary leaves due to work related injuries. They of course do have more than just lifts to sell, offering both shower trolleys and chairs to hospitals and aged care facilities. So rather than risk injuries and unnecessary costs, why not just buy some useful equipment?